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Hill’s work is mostly about laying down personal targets and goals and about foreseeing success while being rooted in the present. Hill also believed that the positive attitude emanating from a group of positive-thinking individuals would be much greater than the sum of their individual positive attitudes. Hill had reached this conclusion after analyzing all the interviews he had conducted with American millionaires, most of whom were industrial tycoons – every millionaire that Hill interviewed stated that they tasted success only after they saw opportunities and found like-minded people who …

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Napoleon Hill when describing the power of Applied Faith defined six Forms of Riches
1. Sound Health
2. Peace of Mind
3. Labor of Love of Own Choice
4. Freedom from Fear and Worry
5. Positive Mental Attitude
6. Material Riches of Own Choice and Quantity.

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Turning Dreams Into Reality

The Key That Will Unlock Any Door – A Burning Desire

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The Successful Entrepreneur – Burning Desire and Clarity of Goals and Purpose Are Vital
We all have things we want in life, sometimes things we want really really badly. Many people often dream of working for themselves and ditching their unhappy work lives. It is a sad fact that so few of us are living the lives we want. I do not believe that it is our destiny to trudge through life and then die. A successful entrepreneur has taken that leap from thought to action, something most of us never …

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Burning Desire
The morning after the great Chicago fire, a group of merchants stood on State Street, looking at the smoking remains of what had been their stores. They went into a conference to decide if they would try to rebuild, or leave Chicago and start over in a more promising section of the country. They reached a decision-all except one-to leave Chicago.

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Begin with A Burning Desire and Add Drive, Determination and Focus

The Key – Your Burning Desire

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Be Inspired by Your Burning Desire
When it comes to your business, are you playing it safe or are you putting it all out on the line?

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Carnegie’s Magic Formula to Grow Rich Revealed to Napoleon Hill

Whatever the Human Mind Can Conceive – and Believe – The Human Mind Can Achieve.

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Where Drive, Determination and Focus Comes From

The Burning Desire to Win in “Think and Grow Rich”
There is just no way around the fact that if you truly want something, then you will work tirelessly in order to get that which you desire. You simply can’t be lazy about your dreams and making sure that you turn them into a reality. Actively and passionately pursuing your dreams, with a burning desire, is what will separate you from simply being a person who wishes for x, y or z. In short, when you have a burning desire to …