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The WordPress Anthology

17 November 2011 4,108 views No Comment

The WordPress Anthology by Mick Olinik and Raena Jackson ArmitageWritten for developers, The WordPress Anthology will take you beyond the basics to give you a thorough overview of the WordPress universe. With a cookbook-style approach, you can pick and choose what you need from each chapter to suit your projects.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of installing, customizing and getting the most out of the web’s most versatile content management system
  • Dive into the inner mechanics of WordPress and make the code work the way you want
  • Explore the world of plugins, themes and APIs to add extra functionality
    Adopt Multisite capabilities to host and manage your own centralized network of WordPress websites
  • Learn how to launch your application on a global scale with localization techniques and marketing tips

The WordPress Anthology By: Raena Jackson Armitage, Mick Olinik

Publisher: SitePoint

Pages: 400 (est.) Print ISBN:978-0-9871530-0-5 | ISBN 10:0-9871530-0-5

Mick Olinik
Mick Olinik is a WordPress expert that specializes in graphic design and WordPress theme skinning, organic search engine optimization, DNS routing and Linux web hosting platforms. He is a regular contributor on SitePoint.com, serving as SitePoint’s WordPress Specialist.

Raena Jackson Armitage
Raena Jackson Armitage is an Australian web developer with a background in content management and training. A former SitePoint technical editor, you’ll find her speaking at some of the more popular geek conferences.

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