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Surviving My Happy Childhood

5 March 2011 3,607 views No Comment

Surviving My Happy Childhood by Leland, Michigan author Jim Carpenter

Surviving My Happy Childhood by Jim Carpenter

Leland, Michigan resident Jim Carpenter has released a collection of short stories titled Surviving my Happy Childhood that is available in Suttons Bay at The Business Helper, located on the corner of Broadway and St. Mary’s Avenue.

Writing his stories from his Leelanau Peninsula home, Carpenter’s work, with a very distinct Midwest flavor, is sure to stir memories as well as it entertains and brings new light to what’s considered normal.

The stories are placed in a chronological timeline of sorts, from childhood through to teen to young adult. What’s great news in these times of such bad news is that he confesses he had a happy childhood and is having a happy adulthood as well.

Carpenter grew up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan and is married to Rebecca Reynolds, a writer / producer. Jim, along with his wife and Larry Brand, own the Michigan-based film company, 8180 Films.

Carpenter’s book, Surviving My Happy Childhood was released by Delicti Press on March 1, 2011. ISBN 978-0979852657 and is available in in Suttons Bay at The Business Helper or if you’re not able to shop locally with Leelanau Peninsula booksellers, the option to buy Surviving My Happy Childhood online is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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