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Know What You Want and Believe You Can and Will Get It

13 July 2010 1,848 views No Comment

Napoleon Hill when describing the power of Applied Faith defined six Forms of Riches

1. Sound Health
2. Peace of Mind
3. Labor of Love of Own Choice
4. Freedom from Fear and Worry
5. Positive Mental Attitude
6. Material Riches of Own Choice and Quantity.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to create a positive mental attitude take a moment and read what he suggests through his philosophy of Applied Faith, Mental Attitude and Capacity for Believe.

1. Know what you want and believe that you can and will get it.
2. Gratitude for having received what you want – even before you get it.
3. Keep an open mind for hunches from within.
4. Defeat is a challenge to keep on trying.
5. Be definite, believe and act. Burning Desire is the starting point for Applied Faith.
6. Faith is not something you get. Faith is something you already have.

This is just a glimpse, a grain of sand on a full beach of the insights Hill presents to you in his books.

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