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On this page you will find the following popular personal development:

Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth

Despite promises of “fast and easy” results from slick marketers, real personal growth is neither fast nor easy. The truth is that hard work, courage, and self-discipline are required to achieve meaningful results—results that are not attained by those who cling to the fantasy of achievement without effort. Personal Development for Smart People reveals the unvarnished truth about what it takes to consciously grow as a human being. As you read, you’ll learn the seven universal principles behind all successful growth efforts (truth, love, power, oneness, authority, courage, and intelligence); as well as practical, insightful methods for improving your health, relationships, career, finances, and more. You’ll see how to become the conscious creator of your life instead of feeling hopelessly adrift, enjoy a fulfilling career that honors your unique self-expression, attract empowering relationships with loving, compatible partners, wake up early feeling motivated, energized, and enthusiastic, achieve inspiring goals with disciplined daily habits and much more! With its refreshingly honest yet highly motivating style, this fascinating book will help you courageously explore, creatively express, and consciously embrace your extraordinary human journey.

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Price: $ 9.29

Living an Extraordinary Life

Why are some people able to live extraordinary and joyful lives while, for others, life seems repetitive, flat, a giant yawn, an exercise in high drama or run by fear? Robert White does not pretend to have all the answers. However, after over thirty years founding and/or leading companies like Lifespring and ARC that have graduated over one million, two hundred thousand participants from high-impact personal and organizational effectiveness seminars, he’s in a good position to help you explore what works — and doesn’t work — in your life. After selling out the hardcover edition, this is the the revised third edition deluxe softcover.

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Living an Extraordinary Life Reviews

Review by Blaine Greenfield:

Heard the taped version of LIVING AN EXTRAORDINARY
LIFE by Robert White and Dennis Becker . . . its promise was a big one;
i.e., to present “8 Power Principles to Create a Life of Meaning and
Abundance.”But the authors deliver–and then some . . . they give many
excellent suggestions that are applicable in almost any situation. I also like their contention that success can be yours if you
can learn more about and begin to apply the skills of awareness,
responsibility and communication . . . moreover, they add that
“even a small improvement in understanding and application
will make a huge difference in your experience of living.”Among the many fine ideas that I got from listening were these:
Before your head hits the pillow tonight, ask yourself: What do I wish
I had said or done? Then say or do it now!Imagine if you were participating 100%. Do so.There’s a world of difference between watching things happen and
making things happen.Creating an extraordinary life requires 100% commitment. You can accomplish very little yourself. You need the help and
support of others.Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.The idea that you can cause somebody else to suffer with your
anger is an illusion.A “have to” attitude sets you up for negative feelings. Instead,
say “I choose to.” (For example, when thinking about going to work
in the morning.)If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what
you’ve got.Get used to saying: I acknowledge your point of view. Here’s my
point of view.

Review by Reader Views:

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/06)

“Living an Extraordinary Life” was written to help you find happiness and fulfillment within your life. It is written around a framework of three concepts that need to be worked on in order for us to achieve our goals. These concepts are: Awareness, Responsibility and Communication. White teaches you how to apply these concepts into your life so that you can find your true purpose and achieve your goals. White uses eye catching chapter titles, lists of the differences between ordinary people and extraordinary

people, and meaningful quotes to get you thinking about what is coming in the chapter. White also points out behaviors and thought patterns that we tend to have that keep us just “ordinary” and not very happy. He discusses what extraordinary people do to keep themselves at that higher level. A lot has to do with how we deal with a situation. An extraordinary person can be going through a rough time, like us, but how they process what they are going through tends to be very different from what we are processing.

Everything that he writes makes so much sense. This is the type of book that will take you some time to read. It is also a good to time to be journaling what you are thinking and feeling. I know that this book has changed my life. It is up to me to continue to

work on what I need to, so that I stay at this higher level.

“Living an Extraordinary Life” is a keeper, do not let this book out of your hands. You will want to read it again at many points in your life. If you want a friend to read it, which you will, buy them a copy and hold on to yours!

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Personal Development All-in-One for Dummies

A complete guide to understanding how you think, and discovering how to think differently. Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies is a complete guide to the key techniques that help you master your thoughts: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Discover the basic principles of each approach and receive sensible, practical and effective expert advice on how each one can help you challenge negative beliefs and change your attitudes. Whether you wish to conquer an anxiety, beat an addiction or simply think more positively, here you will find proven and popular methods that you can use to make major changes – improving your personal power and creating the life you want. Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies will include: Book I: Essential Concepts Exploring the Key Themes of NLP Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Examining Hypnotherapy Introducing Life Coaching Book II: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Taking Charge of Your Life Creating Rapport Reaching Beyond the Words People Say Exploring the Amazing Power of Your Senses Opening The Toolkit Understanding the Psychology Behind Your Habits and Behaviours Book III: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Correcting Your Thinking

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 15.49

Reject Me – I Love It!: 21 Secrets for Turning Rejection into Direction (Personal Development Series)

John shares his experiences, and those of other successful people, to help you use rejection to propel yourself to excellence. In his easy-to-read, uplifting style, he teaches you how to use rejection to accelerate your personal growth and reach new levels of achievement.

Rating: (out of 13 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.95
Price: $ 4.34

Reject Me – I Love It!: 21 Secrets for Turning Rejection into Direction (Personal Development Series) Reviews

Review by Lacey S.:

This book has helped me out tremendously. I love how John Fuhrman uses facts in a life’s standpoint view from his and other peoples experiances to prove that what he’s teaching Is the better, and easier way to live you’re life.

He teaches you to look on the positive side in whatever endeavor your trying to reach for. Instead of letting all the negatives overwhelm our thinking.

You’ll learn something new with every chapter. I would suggest this book to anyone that feels they need a little more self esteem or just a kick in the pants.

*I have had this book for about a month, and I’m already reading it again. GREAT REFERENCE!

Review by J. W. Collett:

I have read two of this fellow’s books, including this one, and I found myself wading through the unrelated, and sometimes contrived, soundbytes. I do believe that even a bad book has one or two “good bits” in it, and for that reason perhaps I can be excused for attempting the second book after being disappointed the first time. Plus, it came to me as a book club offering, so I assumed/hoped it would be okay.I could find no thread that lasted more than a couple of sentences and none of them seemed really connected with any other or with any theme as such.I don’t object to pithy, clever phrases, perse. They’re useful hooks and devices to help us retain our focus out there in a negative world. A book of pithy sayings is one thing, but a book which does not call itself such but which is full of barely anything else is quite another thing, and much less good.The style comes across to me like the thing was thrown together in a very short while, a bit like someone dictated into a tape recorder and then had it typed up, but worse because there is no conversational style to speak of.

In a word I would call this book “insubstantial”. If you liked Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits” book, and you’re anything like me, this book will not be less than adequate.

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Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook

Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook helps people from adolescents to the elderly, and of all backgrounds focus on (re)discovering, examining, and developing their spirit, emotions, physical body, mental aspirations, and social selves. By (re)discovering self, you have the opportunity to improve your behavior, thinking, and your interactions with others by first making changes in yourself. This workbook gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life by journaling things about yourself and guides you in developing a mission statement and goals. This workbook has proven successful in helping people discover their strengths and gaps in their personal life. Dr. Jessica is an Applied Psychologist with experience conducting business and personal coaching sessions, customized training, and outplacement services.

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 19.95

The Coach U Personal Development Workbook and Guide

Get this hands-on training guide to help you launch your coaching career. The Coach U Personal Development Workbook and Guide provides you with the tools you need to build your personal foundation — preparing yourself to successfully coach others. The detailed and flexible self-assessment lesson plans allow you to set your own pace while engaging in a continuous process of self-awareness and self-improvement. Thousands of people who have completed the personal foundation module have found it helps them to develop the critical tools necessary to become a truly effective and successful coach. As personal and professional coaching continues to prove its benefits to businesses and individuals, Coach U, Inc., through its Coach U and Corporate Coach U divisions, remains the recognized leader for professional coach training and certification. Founded in 1988, Coach U, Inc., is the largest provider of online training for individuals interested in entering the fields of personal and professional coaching. Coach U, Inc., has educated more than ten thousand people, providing them the information, tools, and knowledge they need to successfully enter the fast-growing world of life, career, business, and corporate coaching.

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 100.00
Price: $ 78.17

If It Is To Be It’s Up To Me : How to Develop the Attitude of a Winner and Become a Leader (Personal Development Series)

Are you taking total responsibility for your own success? Everyone who truly succeeds develops the attitude of a winner and becomes a leader. A positive attitude prepares you for success. How positive is yours? Total success includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle–a sound mind and body are key. Do you exercise and eat a balanced diet? Decision, commitment, dedication, conviction, and persistence are essential traits of a winner and leader. Are you focused on your dream and doing whatever it takes to achieve it? Do you make maximum use of your time? Some say luck has an impact on your ability to lead and succeed. Many say enthusiasm is key. This book shows you how to lead by setting goals and following your dream. You’ll learn the art of leading others for positive accomplishment and the essentials of high performance leadership. Read this book and you’ll know that If It Is To Be, It’s Up To Me!

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.95
Price: $ 4.22

If It Is To Be It’s Up To Me : How to Develop the Attitude of a Winner and Become a Leader (Personal Development Series) Reviews

Buy If It Is To Be It’s Up To Me : How to Develop the Attitude of a Winner and Become a Leader (Personal Development Series) now for only $ 4.22!

The Success Formula For Personal Growth: 2,000 Motivational Quotes, Winning Strategies and Advice From 500 Super Successful People

In a unique and entertaining approach, 2,000 inspirational and positive quotations from 500 of the most successful people from ancient times to our modern society, are organized and combined with hundreds of the author’s practical tips and common sense advice, to produce a powerful system of success lessons, to accelerate your personal change and growth, to become successful and achieve happiness and fulfillment in your personal and business life.

The quotations and success lessons are very easy to search. They are categorized by over 90 subjects and page number in the Table of Contents. The printed book (not the ebook) also cross-indexes and groups each quote by its author’s name and page number in a separate Index at the end of the book.

The Success Formula For Personal Growth is a wide ranging guide to the thinking and actions that lead to achieving personal growth and success, such as:

Learn to take responsibility for your life. Learn to become an expert communicator and connect with people’s minds and hearts. Learn to train your mind to maximize its positive output. Learn to eliminate negative limitations that are holding you back. Learn to increase your belief and confidence in yourself. Learn to get into the habit to set and complete goals. Learn time management and problem solving skills. Learn to use active visualization to train your mind for success. Learn to use emotionally charged affirmations to boost your self-esteem and confidence.And much more.

Personal change is not easy. But anyone who wants more out of life, and knows in their heart that they can become more than they are now, and do more than they have already done, can transform their life, and benefit from reading, learning, absorbing, and putting into practice habits based on The Success Formula For Personal Growth. (edited by

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 3.99

The Success Formula For Personal Growth: 2,000 Motivational Quotes, Winning Strategies and Advice From 500 Super Successful People Reviews

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